herbal toothpaste benefits

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  • BENEFITS OF DENTABOON TOOTHPASTE: – Dentaboon provide long-lasting  and complete oral care to gum and teeth through Ayurveda

Dentaboon clean teeth fight cavities, prevent plaque, keep gum healthy and freshens breath.


  • DIRECTION OF USE:-to be used in the morning and before bedtime with the soft toothbrush. children below 7-year use as advised by physician /dentist not be Swallowed


  • The ayurvedic composition may result in the change of color of product over a period of time .this does not change the effectiveness  of the product


ingradian quntity
pudina(mentha spicata) 50 mg
Babul(Acacia Arabica) 100 mg
bakul (mimusops elengi) 100 mg
ajwain(trachyspermum ammi) 100 mg
ajmo(carat copicum) 100 mg
nilgiri oil(eucalyptus globulus) 100 mg
kapoor(camphora officinarum) 200 mg
pipermint(pudina satva)(mentha piperata) 200 mg
suva oil(anethum graveolens) 100 mg
gandhpura(gaultheria fragrantissima) 200 mg
cinnamon oil 100 mg
lavanga(clove)(syzygium aromaticum) 400 mg
jata mansi(nardostachys jatamansi) 1500 mg
ashoka powder(saraca ashokas) 1500 mg